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You are here because you are thinking about buying a book of poems. Excellent! It may be the first book of poems you've ever purchased. How brave of you! There is no need for you to tell any of your friends that you've done such a daring thing. Imagine! Poems in these days of Snapchat and Twitter and Facebook. How old fashioned of you!

To help you reach that fateful moment when you finally press the purchase button, I thought it might be helpful if I told you a little about myself and why I wrote a book of poems.


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So who am I? I'm a retired computer programmer who likes to write poems as much as I like to write programs. You could say I am a master at writing both poems and programs. In the last few months I've also mastered electronic publishing.

What are my credentials for writing a book of poems? How about a Hopwood Award for poetry from the University of Michigan umpteen million years ago? Does that count? And what are my credentials for writing poems about God and the Bible? That story is a little longer.

I was raised as a Quaker. Although I am not (officially) a Quaker today, I still retain their basic belief of tolerance of others.

I first learned how to study the Bible in 1973 at a fundamentalist Bible fellowship in Ann Arbor. Three very good things came from that experience: I met Dawn, the love of my life; I learned that all of God's Word is true; and I learned that I do not function well in groups that require everyone to think and believe the same way. Dawn and I left the group about 1978. Since then, we have never been members of any other church or religious organization.

So why did I write these poems? As you read them, you will find out I love many things. I love my wife. I love my dogs. I love the Bible.

And I love God. I love thinking about God. I love talking about God. I love talking with God.

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So is that the reason you should buy my book, because I love God? No. You should buy my book because my poems are meant to be read in groups. My book has 12 sections that I call Occasions. Remember, I'm a programmer, so I've made it easy for you to skip over sections that you can't be bothered with. What you will find is that each section works like a separate chapter of thought, with the poems building on one another. The internet is the wrong setting for reading poetry. That is why we still have books. The greatest pleasure you will have in reading poetry is turning the page and finding another poem that develops an idea with a completely different style. Doesn't sound like much? Wait until it happens to you.

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